1842 China Medal to Herbert Schomberg, Commander. R.N.

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                                                                           HERBERT SCHOMBERG ,COMMANDER. R.N.

                                                                                                      1842 CHINA

This officer embarked 17th December 1819 as a volunteer on board the PHAETON 46 in which ship we find him during a servitude of 4 years employed on the coast of North America, in the channel in attendance upon George IV, and in the West Indies in suppression of piracy. From 17th January 1824 until 7th September 1827 he served on the JUPITER 60 Commanded by Captain David Dunn, during his last few weeks on the  JUPITER  he  acted as Lieutenant . He was officially promoted Lieutenant on 11th September 1827; and was subsequently  employed  February 1828 until September  1829 in the ORESTES 18 Captain J.Reynolds, from September 1829 until February 1835 in the BRITTANIA 120 flag ship of Sir Poulteney Malcolm, in the RAPID 10  Captain  Chas Henry  Swinburne, in command  of the CEYLON 2, as Flag Lieutenant to Rear Admiral Thos Briggs, in the METEOR steamer , Lieutenant Commander  William Henry Symons, in the RAINBOW 28, Captain Sir John Franklin,again as before in the CEYLON, and in the BARHAM 50 Captain Hugh Pigot and a second time in the BRITTANIA, Captain Peter Rainier, all in the Mediterranean. From January 1836 until promoted to the rank of Commander 8th June 1841 in the MELVILLE 74 flag ship on the North America , West India , Cape of Good Hope, and China stations, of Admirals Sir Peter Halkett and Honorable George Elliot. Whilst on the ORESTES he was engaged in cruising against smugglers on the coast of Ireland; in relieving the homeward bound trade in the Channel, and in blockading Tangier; and in experimentally  cruising under Hon Sir Charles Paget, H.R.H. the Duke of Clarence, and Hon Sir Henry Blackwood. He was First Lieutenant of the MELVILLE 74 when that ship was hove down under very trying circumstances at Chusan; and also at the capture of the Bogue forts The latter affair procured him the rank he now holds. In 1849 Schomberg whle in command of the CORMORANT was engaged in the suppression of the slave trade on the South East coast of America. In the summer of 1850 the CORMORANT sent her boats under Lieutenant Luckraft into the river Frio, they captured and destroyed the famous slaver RIVAL and left the river under a sharp musket fire from the banks, the Cormorant then proceeded up river and sent away the boats to capture the CAMPADORA, DONN ANNA, and SEREA all noted slavers. On the 1st July the CORMORANT proceeded down river when she was attacked by a 14 gun fort with which she had exchanged civilities on entering the river. A brisk actin followed but the CORMORANT managed to get away with 5 shot in her hull, one man killed and two wounded. In June 1851 it was reported in Sydney that a prize crew from the COMORANT, Commander H.Schomberg had recently discovered a cache of 5000 to 6000 dollars hidden in a cask on board a slaver.